Briefing Book: Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel – April 8-11, 2014

Briefing Book: Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel - April 8-11, 2014


Attachment 1. Recently Completed and Developing Snapper Grouper Amendments

Attachment 2a. Regulatory Amendment 16 AP Discussion Document (black sea bass pot closure)

Attachment 2b. NOAA Fisheries presentation on right whales

Attachment 3a. MPA Expert Workgroup Report (February 2013)

Attachment 3b. MPA Expert Workgroup Minority Report

Attachment 3c. Regulatory Amendment 17 Scoping Document

Attachment 3d. Potential Alternative Approach to Protect Spawning Aggregations/Areas (posted 4/4)

Attachment 4. Amendment 29 AP Discussion Document (ORCS and gray triggerfish management) (revised 4/2)

Attachment 5. Amendment 32 AP Discussion Document (blueline tilefish)

Attachment 6. Regulatory Amendment 20 AP Discussion Document (snowy grouper)

Attachment 7. Amendment 33 (transport of fillets from The Bahamas)

Attachment 8. Amendment 34 (Accountability Measures)

Attachment 9. Progress Report on Visioning Project - March 2014 Council meeting (update available at meeting)

MPA Presentations -

Existing MPAs - Outreach Update

Existing MPAs - Law Enforcement Updates

Existing MPAs - Research & Monitoring Updates

MPA Expert Workgroup Recommendations (Note large file, must be downloaded through dropbox file sharing)

(See Attachment 3a and 3b)

FL Scoping Sites

GA Scoping Sites

SC Scoping Sites

NC Scoping Sites

Presentations on protecting spawning aggregations/areas (posted 4/10)