Briefing Book: SSC April 2015

Scientific & Statistical Committee Meeting - April 28-30, 2015

N. Charleston, SC



Attachment 1. Minutes of the October 2014 meeting
Attachment 2. Spiny Lobster Review Panel Report
Attachment 3. MRIP Calibration Workshop II Report
Attachment 4. SEDAR 32 blueline tilefish assessment
Attachment 5. Landings update/compliation (from Mike E)
Attachment 6. MAMFC Emergency Rule Request
Attachment 7. Blueline Tilefish Population Dynamics Report to VMRC
Attachment 8. SEDAR schedule & 2016 Plan
Attachment 9. SEDAR Data Best Practices Project Overview
Attachment 10. SEDAR Updates package
Attachment 11. FWC project proposals*
Attachment 12. SERFS Report*
Attachment 13. SEFSC Assessment Program Peer Review Report
Attachment 14. SEFSC Response to Peer Review
Attachment 15. Mutton Snapper Assessment
Attachment 16. Right Whale Habitat and Strike Models

Attachment 17. Protected Resources document package

Attachment 18. Regulatory Amendment 16 Summary
Attachment 19. Evaluation of RA16 alternatives – March 31, 2015
Attachment 20. Amendment 36 Public Hearing Document
Attachment 21. Hogfish assessment
Attachment 22. Hogfish projections (posted 4/29)
Attachment 23. Scientific Uncertainty Subcommittee Report
Attachment 24. DRAFT ABC control rule workshop report
Attachment 25. National SSC Draft Agenda
Attachment 26. NS revisions proposed rule
Attachment 27. Oculina Team Evaluation Report
Attachment 28. Draft 2015 Research and Monitoring Plan
Attachment 29. SAFMC Work Plan, September 2014
Attachment 30. SAFMC Amendments Overview, September 2014

Note: Items with * may be provided  at the meeting.

Additional Materials/Presentations:

South Atlantic 2014 Landings presentation (SE Regional Office)

SEDAR 32 Benchmark Assessment: Blueline Tilefish presentation (SE Fisheries Science Center)

Blueline Tilefish presentation (Old Dominion University)

SouthEast Reef Fish Survey 2014 Update presentation

Southeast Region Headboat Survey Data Evaluation presentation (SE Fisheries Science Center Beaufort Lab)

Mutton Snapper SEDAR 15A Update Assessment presentation (FL FWC)

ESA Consultation Process and the Snapper-Grouper Fishery (SERO)

North Atlantic Right Whales: Overview of Studies of in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic (SEFSC)

Evaluation of Black Sea Bass Trap Gear Closure Alternatives in South Atlantic Snapper-Grouper Regulatory Amendment 16 (SERO)

Stock Status Determinations (NOAA Office of Sustainable Fisheries)

Proposed Revisions to the Magnuson-Stevens Act National Standard 1, 3, & 7 Guidelines (NOAA Fisheries)

Hogfish Projection Report