Council Meetings

Council Meeting Process

Members of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council meet four times each year, once in each of the four states in the southeast region. Meetings generally last five days and involve meetings of the Council's committees and a Council session involving all members. Advisory panel meetings, public hearings, and public comment sessions may also be scheduled during the week.

During each quarterly Council meeting, committee meetings are held for any fishery that has proposed amendments being developed by the Council. Committees are made up of specific Council members and detailed agendas and documents for each committee meeting are provided to the public prior to the meeting via the Council's website through a briefing book.

Current Meeting Schedule

March 5-9, 2018  
Westin Jekyll Island
110 Ocean Way
Jekyll Island  GA  31527
Phone: 888-627-8316 or 912-635-4545
Fax: 912-319-2838

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