Habitat & Environmental Protection AP Briefing Book

Attachment 1: Agenda

Attachment 2: Habitat AP Minutes, November 2010

Attachment 3: Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 2 (CE-BA2), Final document

Attachment 4: CE-BA 2 Southeast Fishery Bulletin, Re: Public Comment

Attachment 5: SAFMC Users Guide to Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Designations

Attachment 6: EcoSpecies Database Statement of Work (SOW)

Attachment 7: CE-BA3 Scoping Items

Attachment 8: Atlantic Marine Fisheries Priority Studies List

Attachment 9: Fishery Management Council Wind Energy Workshop

Attachment 10: South Atlantic Research and Monitoring Plan, 2011-2015

Attachment 11: SCDNR Final Report, Comprehensive Spatial Mapping Effort

Attachment 12: Final Report, Phase 2A, Siting Analysis for Offshore Wind Farm Development

Attachment 13: Fishing in NC Coastal Waters, Ocean Energy Task Force

          SUMMARY DOCUMENT: South Atlantic Eco-Regional Partner Coordination Meeting  (posted 12/2/11)

Attachment 14: SECOORA Strategic Priorities

Attachment 15: SECOORA Business Plan

Attachment 16: SECOORA Revised Scope of Work, Year 1

Attachment 17: SECOORA IOOS, North Carolina One-Pager

Attachment 18: SECOORA IOOS, South Carolina One-Pager

Attachment 19: SECOORA IOOS, Georgia One-Pager

Attachment 20: SECOORA IOOS, Florida One-Pager

Attachment 21: US IOOS Blueprint, Verson 1.0

Attachment 22: IOOS Marine Protected Areas Task Team Report

Attachment 23: Governors' South Atlantic Alliance Action Plan, Final with Forward

Attachment 24: Governors' South Atlantic Alliance Implementation Plan, 2011

Attachment 25: South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SALCC) Fact Sheet, October 2011

Attachment 26: SALCC Newsletter, November 2011

Attachment 27: SALCC Partner Projects Overview, 2011

Attachment 28: SALCC Charter, March 8, 2011

Attachment 29: SALCC Development and Operations Plan, December 2009

Attachment 30: Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) 2010 Year in Review

Attachment 31: The Southeast Aquatic Habitat Plan, Short Version

Attachment 32: SARP Southeast Aquatic Habitat Plan

Attachment 33: National Fish Habitat Action Plan

Attachment 34: National Fish Habitat Report

Attachment 35: Hydrologic Model Assessment

Attachment 36: Riparian Assessment White Paper

Attachment 37: NFHAP National Coastal Assessment

Attachment 38: MOU, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) and NOAA

Attachment 39: The Multipurpose Marine Cadastre (MMC) Quick-Start Guide