Joint Meeting of the Habitat and Coral Advisory Panels

Charleston, November 7-9, 2007


ATTACHMENT 1 - Joint Habitat and Coral AP Minutes - June 2006

ATTACHMENT 2 - Deep-Water Coral Reefs of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

ATTACHMENT 3 - Habitat and Fauna of Deep-Water Coral Reefs of the Southeastern United States

ATTACHMENT 4 - Final Cruise Report

ATTACHMENT 5 - Deep-Water Sinkholes and Bioherms of South Florida and the Pourtales Terrace - Habitat and Fauna

ATTACHMENT 6 - Habitat and Fauna of Deep-Water Lophelia Pertusa Coral Reefs Off the Southeastern US: Blake Plateau, Straits of Florida and Gulf of Mexico

ATTACHMENT 7 - Calypso LNG Deepwater Port Project, Marine Video Survey

ATTACHMENT 8 - Calypso Pipeline Deep-Water Marine Benthic Video Survey

ATTACHMENT 9 - AUV Based Environmental Characterization of Deep-Water Coral Mounds in the Straits of Florida

ATTACHMENT 10 - Review of Distribution, Habitats and Associated Fauna of Deep Water Coral Reefs on the Southeastern US Continental Slope (North Carolina to Cape Canaveral)

ATTACHMENT 11 - The Fish Fauna Associated With Deep Coral Banks Off the Southeastern United States

ATTACHMENT 12 - ESDIM Final Report, Deepwater Habitat Mapping Project

ATTACHMENT 13 - Joint Habitat and Coral AP Meeting Overview and Recommendations, June 2006

ATTACHMENT 14 - Joint Habitat and Coral AP Meeting Summary Recommendations, June 2006

ATTACHMENT 15 - Proposed Deepwater Coral HAPCs Map, 2007

ATTACHMENT 16 - Annotated Structure of FEP Volumes 1 Through 5, October, 2007

ATTACHMENT 17 - Calypso Interim Draft Environmental Impact Statement

ATTACHMENT 18 - Ocean Turbine Technology Article

ATTACHMENT 19 - Worldwide Synthesis and Analysis of Environmental Effects of Alternative Energy Uses on the Outer Continental Shelf

ATTACHMENT 20 - Revised SAFMC Energy Policy, March 2007