June 11-15, 2012 Council Meeting

Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel
5445 Forbes Place
Orlando, FL 32812
Phone: 1800/545-1985 or 407/240-1000 Fax: 407/240-1005


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Meeting Agenda (PDF) (Note: Except for advertised (scheduled) public hearings and public comment sessions, the times indicated on the agenda may be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the completion of agenda items.  Interested parties should be aware that meetings may start earlier or later than indicated.)

Meeting Postcard Announcement

Briefing Book Materials  (posted 5/24/2012; updated 6/5, 6/7, 6/11, 6/12)

Summary Motions from June Meeting 

Public Comment

Informal Question / Answer Session - Wednesday, June 13, 5:30 pm - Led by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree and Chairman David Cupka

Public Comment Session - Thursday, June 14, 5:30 pm - Public comment will be accepted on: (1) Snapper Grouper Amendment 18A, Action 4 (transferability of black sea bass endorsements), Snapper Grouper Amendment 18B (golden tilefish), and (3) Golden Crab Amendment 6 (catch shares),followed by public comment regarding any other items on the Council agenda.



Snapper Grouper Committee

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 3 (CE-BA 3): The Committee will review recommendations for using marine protected areas to reduce bycatch of speckled hind and warsaw grouper.  The Committee will provide direction to the Council for alternatives to include in the amendment for public hearings scheduled for August 2012.
  • Red Snapper: The Committee will review the updated estimates for mortality in 2010 and 2011 (total removals including dead discards) and provide recommendations to the Council on whether some harvest of red snapper is feasible.
  • Amendment 18B: The amendment would establish an endorsement program for commercial golden tilefish.  The Council is expected to approve the amendment for submission to the Secretary of Commerce.

Ecosystem-Based Management Committee

  • CE-BA 3: The Committee will review recommendations from advisory panels on the expansion of deepwater coral areas and Oculina Bank protected areas.  The Committee will make recommendations for alternatives to include in the amendment for August public hearings.

Golden Crab Committee

  • Golden Crab Amendment 6: This amendment proposes a catch share program for the commercial golden crab fishery.  The Committee will review "expression of interest" responses and provide recommendations.  The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for Secretarial review.

Ad Hoc Data Collection Committee

  • Joint Gulf & South Atlantic Generic Dealer Amendment: The amendment addresses alternatives for a "universal" federal dealer permit for both the South Atlantic and Gulf regions, requirements for dealer reporting (frequency and methods), and requirements to maintain dealer permits.  The Committee is scheduled to recommend approval of the amendment for August public hearings.
  • CE-BA 3: The Committee will provide recommendations for alternatives addressing commercial and for-hire permits and reporting requirements.  These recommendations will be included in the amendment for August public hearings.


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