March 2013 Council Meeting

March 4-8, 2013
Sea Palms Resort
5445 Fredrica Road
St. Simons Island, GA 31552
Phone: 1/800-841-6268

Meeting Postcard (PDF)

Meeting Agenda (Posted 02/15)

Briefing Book Materials (Now available; posted 02/15, updated 2/28)

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Summary Motions (posted 4/9)


NOTE: The Council will be accepting public comment on five amendments and one other action at the March Council meeting.

More information is available at the following link: Open for Public Comment

Informal Question / Answer Session - Wednesday, March 6, 5:30 PM - Led by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree and Chairman David Cupka

Public Comment Session - Friday, March 8, 8:45 AM - Public comment will be accepted on: 1) Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 18, 2) Snapper Grouper Amendment 27, 3) Extension of yellowtail snapper temporary rule, 4) CE-BA 3, 5) Joint Generic Dealer Amendment, 6) Joint Generic For-Hire Reporting Amendment and other agenda items.


Joint SAFMC/GMFMC Mackerel Committees Meeting

  • Joint SA/Gulf Mackerel Amendment 19 - addresses the bag limit sale of king and Spanish mackerel and cobia; potential new commercial permit requirement for cobia; actions to eliminate latent effort in the king mackerel hook-and-line sector; federal regulatory compliance; and income requirements for commercial Coastal Migratory Pelagic permits. The Committees will review options at the March meeting.
  • Joint SA/Gulf Mackerel Amendment 20 - addresses changes in Gulf group king mackerel zones and a transit provision for king mackerel; regional quotas for cobia and king and Spanish mackerel; and modifications to the framework procedure. The Committees will review options at the March meeting.

Snapper Grouper Committee Meeting

  • Amendment 27 - includes actions to address issues with the harvest of blue runner in the mackerel gillnet fishery, modify the snapper grouper framework process, and management jurisdiction for yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, and Nassau grouper. The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for Secretarial Review.
  • Regulatory Amendment 18 - the amendment considers actions to adjust the ACL (and sector ACLs) for vermilion snapper and red porgy and consider changes in management measures for vermilion snapper. The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for Secretarial Review.
  • Amendment 30 - the amendment considers implementation of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for the commercial snapper grouper fishery in the region. The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for public hearings.
  • Results from MPA Expert Workgroup Meeting - results from the recent meeting of scientists and fishermen will be discussed concerning the reconfiguration of existing and possible new deepwater MPAs in the region.

Ad Hoc Data Collection Committee Meeting

  • CE-BA 3 - the amendment includes a single action addressing bycatch data collection and bycatch reporting. The Council is scheduled to approve for submission to the Secretary of Commerce at the March 2013 meeting.