Public Hearing/Scoping November 2013

Scoping and Public Hearing Webinars - November 2013

Amendments to the Fishery Management Plans for Snapper Grouper and Dolphin Wahoo

November 7, 2013: Snapper Grouper Amendment 31 - Scoping

November 18, 2013: Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 7 - Public Hearing

Amendment Overview:

Snapper Grouper Amendment 31
Proposed Actions: The stock assessment for blueline tilefish was completed in 2013 and indicates the stock is overfished and undergoing overfishing.  The SSC will review the assessment in October 2013 and present their recommendations to the Council at the December 2013 meeting.  If a rebuilding plan needs to be established, an EIS will likely be required.  Amendment 31 will include actions to adopt new biological benchmarks from the assessment, establish a rebuilding plan, and implement appropriate management measures to end overfishing. The Council will review a draft document and consider whether to request that NMFS take emergency action at the December 2013 meeting.  Public hearings are scheduled for January/February 2014.

Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 7
Proposed action: This amendment considers allowing fishermen to bring dolphin and wahoo fillets from the Bahamas into the US EEZ as is currently allowed with snapper grouper species.  The Council directed this amendment be developed at the September 2013 meeting.  Public hearings will be held online in and at the December 2013 Council meeting.  The amendment is scheduled for final approval in December 2013.