SAFMC Meeting Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2006 Briefing Book Materials

Full Meeting Agenda

Tab 1: Snapper Grouper Committee
   Agenda and Overview
      Attachment 1: Law Enforcement Reports
            Attachment 1a: Report of the Jan 31 Law Enforcement AP and Committee meeting
            Attachment 1b: Rock Shrimp VMS Update - NMFS Office for Law Enforcement (PDF)
      Attachment 2: Snapper Grouper Amendment 14-DRAFT
      Attachment 3: Additional Maps for Consideration of MPA Alternatives
      Attachment 4: Team Comments of Amendment 14
      Attachment 5: Amendment 15 Purpose, Need and Alternatives
      Attachment 6: Team comments on Amendment 15 Alternatives

Tab 2: Ecosystem-Based Management Committee
   Agenda and Overview
      Attachment 1: FEP Management Measures

Tab 5: Protected Resources Committee
  Agenda and Overview

Tab 7: Information and Education Committee

Tab 8: Council Session
   Attachment 1: Coast Guard AIS Presentation
   Attachment 2: Navy UWTR Presentation
   Attachment 3: Report on CCED & NMFS Meeting
   Attachment 4: NMFS SERO Reports
      Attachment 4a: King and Spanish Mackerel Quota Report
      Attachment 4b: SERO Status Report