SAFMC Meeting Sept. 18-22, 2006 Briefing Book

Final Meeting Agenda

Tab 1: Mackerel Committee Meetings
   Joint South Atlantic and Gulf Mackerel Committee Agenda
   SAFMC Mackerel Committee Agenda
      Attachment 1: Decision Document
      Attachment 2: SAFMC/GMFMC committee minutes from June 14-15, 2004 meeting
      Attachment 3: Joint SSC Subcommittee (April 2006)
            Attachment 3A: Report
            Attachment 3B: Minutes
      Attachment 4: SAFMC SSC (June 2006)
            Attachment 4A: Report
            Attachment 4B: Minutes
      Attachment 5: 2003 MSAP Report
      Attachment 6: SEDAR 5 (2004)
            Attachment 6A: Report
            Attachment 6B: Minutes
      Attachment 7: Other Documents
            Attachment 7A: Legault 1998
            Attachment 7B: Ortiz 2/2004
      Attachment 8: Joint SAFMC AP/Committee Minutes from June 14-15, 2006 meeting
      Attachment 9: SAFMC Mackerel Framework
            Attachment 9A: Public Hearing Summary
            Attachment 9B: Draft SAFMC Framework Document
            Attachment 9C: Proposed Rule for Mackerel Framework
            Attachment 9D: Written Comments on Framework Document Received to Date


Tab 2: Joint Executive Finance Committee
   Attachment 1: CY 2006 Budget Status
   Attachment 2: FY 2007 Congressional Budget Status
   Attachment 3: Draft ROA

Tab 3: Personnel Committee Meeting (closed)

Tab 4: Snapper Grouper Meeting
   Agenda and Overview
   Attachment 1
         Attachment 1A: Draft Snapper Grouper FMP Amendment 14
         Attachment 1B: Informational Document for 2004 Public Hearings
         Attachment 1C: Snapper Grouper Logbook Statistical Grids
         Attachment 1D: Socioeconomic Comparison of Alternative Sites Utilizing Modified Delphi Technique
   Attachment 2: Written Comments on Draft Snapper Grouper FMP Amendment 14 Received To Date
                        Oceana's Comments on Draft Snapper Grouper Amendment 14
   Attachment 3   
         Attachment 3A: SEDAR 10 Review Workshop Advisory Report: South Atlantic Gag Grouper
         Attachment 3B: SEDAR 10 Review Workshop Consensus Report – South Atlantic Gag Grouper
         Attachment 3C: Draft TOR for the SSC Review of the Gag Grouper Assessment
   Attachment 4: Draft Snapper Grouper FMP Amendment 15
         Attachment 4A: Amendment 15 NOI Supplemental Comments
   Attachment 5: Action To Reduce Bycatch of Deepwater Snappers and Groupers in Amendment 15
   Attachment 6: Action Bycatch in the Rebuilding Plans of Snowy Grouper, Black Sea Bass & Red Porgy


Tab 5: AP Selection (closed)

Tab 6: Council Session
   Attachment 1: SEDAR Summary Minutes
   Attachment 2: SERO Status Reports
   Attachment 3: EFP Requests
         Attachment 3A: Dr. Patterson & Captain Hartig Request
         Attachment 3B: North Carolina Sea Grant Request
   Attachment 4: Upcoming Meetings