September 10-14, 2012 Council Meeting

The Charleston Marriott Hotel
170 Lockwood Boulevard
Charleston, SC 29403
Phone: 1800/968‐3569 or 843/723‐3000 Fax: 843/723‐0276

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Meeting Agenda (PDF)  (revised 9/5)  (Note: Except for advertised (scheduled) public hearings and public comment sessions, the times indicated on the agenda may be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the completion of agenda items. Interested parties should be aware that meetings may start earlier or later than indicated.)

Briefing Book Materials (posted 8/22/12; updated 9/5/12)

Summary Motions (posted 10/12/12)

Public Comment:

Informal Question / Answer Session - Wednesday, September 12, 5:30 pm - Led by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree and Chairman David Cupka

Public Comment Session - Thursday, September 13, 2:00 pm - Public comment will be accepted on: (1) Shrimp Amendment 9, (2) Joint South Atlantic and Gulf dealer permit action, (3) Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 3 (reporting requirements for for-hire and commercial sectors), (4) an Emergency Rule request to delay the start of the golden tilefish season, and (4) Golden Crab Amendment 6 (catch shares) followed by public comment regarding any other items on the Council agenda.


Snapper Grouper Committee

  • Amendment 22: The Committee will discuss alternatives for implementation of a tag program for red snapper and deepwater snapper grouper species (e.g., golden tilefish,snowy grouper and wreckfish).
  • MPAs: The Committee will receive an update on the recent MPA Workshops, discuss the status of MPAs and HAPCs for speckled hind and warsaw grouper, and provide direction to staff. 
  • Emergency Rule for Golden Tilefish: The Committee will provide recommendations on a request to delay the opening of the commercial golden tilefish season in 2013 in order to allow time for implementation of an endorsement program for the fishery.
  • Regulatory Amendment 14: The Committee will discuss management options for mutton snapper (spawning season), greater amberjack (trip limits), gray triggerfish, black sea bass, and vermilion snapper.
  • Yellowtail Snapper - The Committee will discuss the annual catch limit (ACL) for yellowtail snapper during discussions of Regulatory Amendment 13 addressing modifications of ACLs for several species. See the briefing book materials for details (Tab 4, Attachment 4).

Ecosystem-Based Management Committee

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 4: The Committee will continue to discuss management options to include in the draft amendment for public scoping in early 2013.  Options include: (1) expansion of Coral Habitat Areas of Particular Concern (HAPCs); (2) transit provisions for the Oculina Bank HAPC; (3) use of powerhead (bangsticks) for commercial harvest; and (4) modifications to allowable biological catch (ABC), annual catch limits (ACLs), and allocations for dolphin and wahoo.

Golden Crab Committee

  • Golden Crab Amendment 6: This amendment proposes a catch share program for the commercial golden crab fishery. The Committee will review the results of the recent share holder meeting and determine if the amendment should move forward for Secretarial Review.

Ad Hoc Data Collection Committee

  • Joint Gulf & South Atlantic Generic Dealer Amendment: The amendment addresses alternatives for a "universal" federal dealer permit for both the South Atlantic and Gulf regions, requirements for dealer reporting (frequency and methods), and requirements to maintain dealer permits. The Committee will review public comments and is scheduled to recommend approval of the amendment for Secretarial review.  

Shrimp Committee

  • Shrimp Amendment 9 - The amendment modifies current protocol used by individual states to request concurrent closures of federal waters during severe cold weather.  This would expidite the closure process for federal waters and help protect overwintering shrimp populations. The Council is scheduled to approve the amendment for submission to the Secretary of Commerce at the September meeting.

Mackerel Committee

  • Coastal Migratory Pelagic Fishery Management Plan - Amendments 19 and 20 (joint with Gulf Council) : The Committee will consider recent informal public comment and continue to develop management options for both amendments that include: sale of bag limit king and Spanish mackerel; tournament sale of king mackerel; sale of cobia; elimination of latent effort in mackerel fisheries; changes to the Spanish mackerel gill net fishery; state and/or regional quotas for Atlantic group king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and cobia, and other measures. (Note: Public hearings for both of the amendments are currently scheduled to be held in Jan/Feb 2013.)  
  • Framework Actions: The Council is considering potential changes to regulations for Atlantic king mackerel, including changes to the commercial trip limit, minimum and maximum size limits, and a possible spawning season closure.  The Committee will review informal public comment on these issues and provide recommendations to the Council. 

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