September 13 – 17, 2010

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We're going live! You can access live video feed from the Council meeting in Charleston, SC. To view the Council meeting, you will need a Windows Media Player. Click here to view the meeting. strong>Notestrong>: Video feed will only be available while the meeting is in session.

 Final Agenda (PDF)     Briefing Book (posted 8/27/10)   Summary Motions (posted 10/20/10)

Note: Except for advertised (scheduled) public hearings and public comment sessions, the times indicated on the agenda may be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the completion of agenda items. Interested parties should be aware that meetings may start earlier or later than indicated.

Public Comment

Informal Question / Answer Session - Wednesday, September 15th - 5:30 p.m. - Led by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree and Council Chairman Duane Harris.

Public Comment Session - Thursday, September 16th - 2:00 p.m. - Interested persons will be provided the opportunity to present oral or written statements relative to the meeting agenda.

Agenda Highlights 

Ecosystem-Based Management Committee

? Scientific and Statistical Committee Report - the SSC will report on their recent development of a Control Rule for determining Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) values for unassessed stocks, including octocorals, sargassum, golden crab and wreckfish. Note: The Control Rule will also apply to other unassessed species managed by the Council, including those in the snapper grouper management complex.

Snapper Grouper Committee

? Snapper Grouper Amendment 18 - Includes alternatives to extend the range of the Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Plan northward, and measures for the commercial golden tilefish fishery (use of endorsements to limit participation, changes to the fishing year and trip limits). Also includes modifications to limit participation and effort, and reduce bycatch for the commercial black sea bass pot fishery, and measures to improve the accuracy, timing and quality of fishing data. The Committee is scheduled to approve the amendment for public hearings.

? Comprehensive ACL - Measures to meet the Magnuson-Stevens Act including establishment of Annual Catch Limits and Accountability Measures for species not listed as undergoing overfishing by 2011. The Committee will consider the SSC ABC Control Rule and continue to develop alternatives.

Mackerel Committee

? Mackerel Amendment 18 - Measures to meet the Magnuson-Stevens Act including establishment of Annual Catch Limits and Accountability Measures. The Committee will continue to review the amendment and choose management alternatives to include in the document for public hearings planned in early 2011.  Alternatives include modifications to bag limits, trip limits, etc. The amendment is being developed jointly with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.