SSC Briefing Book April 2012

April 3-5, 2012

Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting 

Savannah, Georgia

Briefing Book



Minutes, SSC Nov2011


          Attachment 1: SEDAR Schedule

          Attachment 2: Updated Terms of Reference (TOR)

          Attachment 3: MRAG Americas Guiding Principles

          Attachment 4: ORCS Report

          Attachment 5: SSC ORCS Subcommittee Report

          Attachment 6: Preliminary Application of ORCS Approach

               Attachment 6a: ORCS Classification (Excel sheet)

          Attachment 7: ABC Recommendations

          Attachment 8: MRIP Estimation Fact Sheet

          Attachment 9: MRIP Presentation, South Atlantic Council, Mar2012

          Attachment 10: Landings Trends

               Attachment 10a: SSC Trends, 2010 (New) (Excel sheet)

               Attachment 10b: SSC Trends, 2010 (Reviewed) (Excel sheet)

          Attachment 11: Updated Tilefish Projections

          Attachment 12: CE-BA3 Options

          Attachment 13: Cupka-SERO Warsaw Letter, Feb2012

          Attachment 14: Allocation Committee Minutes, Jul2008 / Boyles Law Discussion

          Attachment 15: SSC Job Description, Jun2010

          Attachment 16: South Atlantic Research Plan (2012-2016)

          Attachment 17: Regional Operations Agreement

          March 2012 NRDC Letter to SSC re:SH/WG Protections  (posted 3/27/2012)

          Pew Environmental Group Letter re: SH/WG Protection (posted 3/28/12)


          SERO: Speckled Hind & Warsaw Grouper - A Review of Available Distribution and Catch Data

          EDF, MRAG Americas: Guiding Principles for Fisheries Monitoring Programs


          Minutes, Allocation Committee Meeting, Jul2008

          Comprehensive Annual Catch Limit (ACL) Amendment (Final)

          Dunn and Halpin, 2009

          Dunn, et al., 2011

          Oculina Materials

               Background Material for Surveys

               Speckled Hind & Warsaw Grouper Data for SERO (2011)

          Other Speckled Hind / Warsaw Grouper Docs

               Koenig, et al., 2005

               Parker and Mays, 1998

               Reed, et al, 2007

               Reed, et al.

               Rudershausen, Williams, et al., 2008

               Speckled Hind & Warsaw Grouper Data for SERO (2011)

               Tester, et al., 1983

               G. Ziskin, MS Thesis, 2008

          Reskio FTP Docs

               C. Schobernd, MS Thesis, 2006

               Schobernd and Williams, 2009 (corrected)

               NF1015, Leg3, Cruise Report

               SH1026, Cruise Report

               SH1029, Cruise Report

               SH1119, Cruise Report

               SH1125, Cruise Report

          Sedberry References

               Deep Sea Coral Final Report, FY09R1

               Fraser and Sedberry, 2008

               NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration, Semi-Annual Progress Report, Dec2007

               Shelf Edge Spawning Final Report, 2004

               NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration, Final Report (2004-2007)

               Sedberry, et al., 2005, Final Project Report

               Schobernd and Sedberry, 2009

               Sedberry, et al., 2006: Spawning Locations (corrected Table 3)

               Sedberry: Iceberg Scours


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