SSC Meeting April 2011 BB Materials

April 5-7, 2011

Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting

North Charleston, South Carolina

Briefing Book 

SSC Roadmap


          Attachment 1: GMFMC ABC Control Rule

        Attachment 2a: Final Mackerel Results of Committee & Council Motions

        Attachment 2b: Mackerel Amendment 18/EA

        Attachment 2c: Cobia Presentation (SCDNR)

        Attachment 3: Draft Comprehensive ACL Amendment

                                    Appendices Bundle

        Attachment 4: ACL Amendment Actions and Alternatives

        Attachment 5: Dolphin / Wahoo Actions and Alternatives

        Attachment 6: Draft S-G Amendment 24

                                    Appendix A: Rejected Alternatives

                                    Appendix B: Glossary

                                    Appendix C: Red Grouper Rebuilding Projections

                                    Appendix D: MSST

        Attachment 7: SEFSC Red Grouper Projection

        Attachment 8: MSST Alternatives

        Attachment 9: SEDAR 23 Assessment Report of Goliath Grouper

        Attachment 10: Spiny Lobster Assessment Update Report

        Attachment 11a: Spiny Lobster Amendment 10 Summary

        Attachment 11b: Spiny Lobster Amendment 10 / EIS

        Attachment 12: ABC Control Rule

        Attachment 13: Landings Trends for Unassessed Stocks (spreadsheet)

        Attachment 14: SG FMP Regulatory Amendment 11

        Attachment 15: Preliminary RA11 Analyses presentation

        Attachment 16: Draft CEBA 2

        Attachment 17: Regional Operating Agreement March 2011


Supplemental Information

        Goliath Grouper Presentation


         Catch Limit Expert Working Group Report

         Dick and MacCall 2010 Tech Memo

         MacCall 2009 DCAC

         MRAG South Atlantic PSA Draft Report

         Patrick et al., 2010 - PSA

         MRAG Gulf Results PSA

         MSCMA Tech Guide