SSC Meeting: October 2012

October 23-25, 2012
Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting
North Charleston, SC
Briefing Book




          Attachment 1: SSC Minutes, August 2012

          Attachment 2: SEDAR Schedule

          Attachment 3: SEDAR 32 Terms of Reference (TOR)

          Attachment 4: SEDAR 36 TOR

          Attachment 5: Black Sea Bass 2013 TOR

          Attachment 6: Pink Shrimp Assessment Report 2012

          Attachment 7: SEDAR 25 Black Sea Bass Stock Assessment Report

          Attachment 8: Vermilion Snapper Update Assessment 2012

          Attachment 9: Red Porgy Update 2012

          Attachment 10: Wreckfish Statistical Catch-at-Age Assessment 2012

          Attachement 10a: Further SCAA runs to Assess US South Atlantic Wreckfish (posted 11/2)

          Attachment 11: Wreckfish Model for SSC

          Attachment 12: Coastal Migratory Pelagics Amendment 19 Summary

          Attachment 13: Coastal Migratory Pelagics Amendment 20 Summary

          Attachment 14: Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 3 (CE-BA 3)

          Attachment 15: Distribution of Speckled Hind and Warsaw Grouper in the US South Atlantic

   Attachment 16: Regulatory Amendment 13 - Revisions to ABCs, ACLs, Allocations and ACTs

          Attachment 17: Annual Catch Limit (ACL) Revisions, Excel Spreadsheet

          Attachment 18: MRIP Workshop Report

          Attachment 19: MFRSS/MRIP Calibration Work Group Report

          Attachment 21: Calibration Examples (Gulf Red Snapper)

          Attachment 21a: Additional MRIP Procedures

          Attachment 22: Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 15 Actions and Alternatives, Oct 2012

          Attachment 23: Snapper Grouper Amendment 27 Actions and Alternatives, Oct 2012

          Attachment 24: Snapper Grouper Amendment 28 Actions and Alternatives, Oct 2012

          Attachment 25: South Atlantic Snapper Grouper SAFE Report, Oct 2012 

          Attachment 26: ORCS Workshop Report 2012

          Attachment 27: Estimating Management Uncertainty

          Attachment 28: Regional Operations Schedule

          Attachment 29: Fishery Management Plans (FMP) Timeline

               Attachment 29: FMP Timeline Excel Spreadsheet

Presentations/Additional Materials:

          Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) Calculations for SA Snapper Grouper Species

          Vermilion Snapper Update (posted 11/2)

          Red Porgy Update (posted 11/2)

          Estimation of Management Uncertainty for Marine Fisheries in the Southeastern United States 

          (posted 11/2)

          Distribution of Speckled Hind & Warsaw Grouper in the U.S. South Atlantic (posted 11/2)

          Data Poor Wreckfish Assessment (posted 11/2)




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