Science & Statistics

Science & Statistics

Management measures developed by the Council are informed by fisheries science and data collected by a number of state and regional partners. The Council relies on the SEDAR stock assessment program to provide them with the science to assess the health of fish stocks they manage and on the Scientific & Statistical Committee and the Socio-Economic Panel to review stock assessments and provide guidance on how to manage those stocks taking biological, social and economic effects into consideration.

In addition, the Council began development of a Citizen Science program that would be housed within the Council. Program development is underway to bring together fishermen, scientists, and managers to work collaboratively on addressing science and data gaps that can be applied in stock assessments and management.

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Learn more about the science and data collected from our management partners:

NOAA Fisheries
Atlantic Coast Cooperative Statistics Program

The Atlantic Coast Cooperative Statistics Program is a cooperative state-federal program that designs, implements, and conducts marine fisheries statistics data collection programs and integrates those data into a single data management system that will meet the needs of fishery managers, scientists, and fishermen

Other Federal Management Partners