Shrimp Amendment 11

Shrimp Amendment 11

(Shrimp Trawler Transit Provision)

In September 2019, the Council directed staff to separate Shrimp Amendment 11 from the joint amendment with Coral Amendment 10 and Golden Crab Amendment 10.  Shrimp Amendment 11 includes one action which will address cold-weather transit provisions for shrimp trawlers. 

The amendment was scoped in November and public hearings were held in February.   The Council approved new transit provisions for cold-weather closed areas that include non-stop progression and gear stowage to mean doors in the rack (cradle), nets in the rigging and tied down, and try net on the deck.  The Council approved the amendment for formal secretarial review. 


Staff Contact

Roger Pugliese (


Documents & Public Comments

Council Process

  • Scoping:  November 2019
  • Public Hearing:  February 2019
  • Final Approval: March 2020

NMFS Process

  • Secretarial Review: April 2020
  • Rule Making:  July 2020
  • Implementation:  November 23, 2020