South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

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  • General about regulations.
  • A list of resources, including Fish Rules App, Fishing Seasonal Closures
  • A filterable (name / other names, open/closed, recreational/commercial) list species.


  • Potentially best fishing practices
  • Every species has it’s own page (these won’t be listed in the sidebar navigation)
    • Name
    • Large image of species
    • Recreational and commercial open/close status
    • About content
    • Additional photos of species
    • Recreational regulations
    • Commercial regulations
    • News and events related to the species (or its FMP)
    • Amendments in progress that effect this species
    • Contacts

Fishery Management

  • Overview: What is a fishery management plan and what is its purpose?
  • Fishery management plans & amendments (all species, plus habitat and ecosystem plan)
  • Managed areas
  • Science & statistics
  • Electronic reporting


  • Coastal Migratory Pelagics
    This will be the same as the other FMPs (Snapper/Grouper) will likely look a little different due to the amount of content.

    About the FMP, associated species, contacts, latest FMP-related news, upcoming FMP-related events, Amendments under development, Completed Amendments (these might be better served on a sub page)
  • Coral
  • Dolphin/Wahoo
  • Ecosystem-based Amendments
  • Golden Crab
  • Habitat
  • Sargassum
  • Shrimp
  • Snapper Grouper
    There is a chance that there may need to be some subpages for this group to more easily scan the quickly changing content for this FMP.
  • Spiny Lobster
  • Generic Amendments (it would be nice to find another name for this — it is mystery meat)
  • SAFMC Amendments under development
    A list of all Amendments under development


Running list/calendar of meeting


This list can easily be added to or reduced over time

  • Council Meetings list (the yearly meetings)
  • Advisory Council meetings
  • Scientific and Statistical Committee meetings
  • SAFMC seminar series
  • Workgroups
  • Public Hearings/scoping
  • Other meetingsĀ 
  • Briefing books
    A list of all briefing books, these will also be available within every meeting


A running list of all updates/posts


  • Newsletters
  • News releases
  • Announcements
  • Story Maps

About the Council

  • Who we are
  • How the Council works
  • Intro to Council staff
  • Intro to Council members
  • Intro to Council committees
  • Intro to Advisory panels
  • Contact us


  • SAFMC staff
  • Council members
  • Council committees
    • Each committee will have its own page with news, events, members
  • Advisory panels
    • Each committee will have its own page with news, events, members

Citizen Science Program

  • Overview
  • People involved
  • Project list

Public Comment

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