Snapper Grouper AP Briefing Book

April 18-19, 2012

Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel Meeting

N. Charleston, South Carolina

Briefing Book


Agenda  (revised 4/17/12)

Minutes, October 2011 AP Meeting

          Attachment 1: Amendment 18B (Golden Tilefish)

               Appendix A - Rejected Alternatives

               Appendix B - Glossary

               Appendix C -  Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) and Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM)

               Appendix D - Golden Tilefish LAP Workgroup Report

               Appendix E - Bycatch Practicability Analysis

               Appendix F - History of Management

               Appendix G - Tilefish Pstar Projections

          Attachment 2: Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 3 (CE-BA3) Options Paper

          Attachment 3: WildEarth Guardians Petition Regarding Speckled Hind

          Attachment 4: WildEarth Guardians Petition Regarding Warsaw Grouper

          Attachment 5: Letter from Clayton Doerr to President Obama

Additional Materials:

          Presentation by Dr. Chris Koenig: Shelf-edge Reserves (PDF)


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