Snapper Grouper AP



Minutes from June 2008 AP meeting

Attachment 1. Meeting Background Information
Attachment 2. Amendment 17A   Appendices
Attachment 3. Red Snapper Presentation
Attachment 4. Amendment 17B  Appendices
Attachment 5. Amendment 18
Attachment 6. Comprehensive ACL Amendment Options Paper
Attachment 7. Motions from June 2008 AP Meeting


Attachment 2. SECOORA July 2009 Newsletter
Attachment 3. Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System Act of 2009
Attachment 4. Presentation - IOOS Our Eyes on the Oceans, Coasts and Great Lakes
Attachment 5. NOAA IOOS Program Strategic Plan 2008-2014
Attachment 6a. Jacksonville Range Complex FEIS Executive Summary
Attachment 6b. Cherry Point FEIS FEIS Executive Summary
Attachment 6c. US Naval Warfare Training Range Navy EFH Assessment
Attachment 6d. Atlantic Fleet Active Sonar Training Executive Summary
Attachment 7. SAFMC Correspondence to Navy Jacksonville Range
Attachment 8. Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance Terms of Reference
Attachment 9. Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance Signed Partnership Agreement
Attachment 10. Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance Call To Action Overview and Status
Attachment 11. USFWS Strategic Habitat Conservation: Final Report -Nat Eco Asses Team
Attachment 12a. SAFMC Habitat and Ecosystem Internet Map Server- Draft User Manual
Attachment 12b. SAFMC Research Priorities Plan 2009
Attachment 13. MARMAP Summary in FEP
Attachment 14. SEAMAP Summary in FEP
Attachment 15. SEAMAP 2006-2010 Management Plan
Attachment 16. SAFMC Letter of Support for CIOERT
Attachment 17. SARRP Research Framework
Attachment 18. MOU SECOORA Ocean Data Partnership
Attachment 19. Spatially Predicting Shrimp Abundance In Relation To Environmental Conditions
Attachment 20. Remote Sensing and GIS Support Spatial Management and Conservation
Attachment 21.OPTIONS PAPER Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 2

AGENDA (Revised 8/17/09)

Attachment 1. CE-BA 2 Options Paper
Attachment 2a. Florida octocoral landings 2000-2008
Attachment 2b. Florida aquacultured live rock landings 2000-2008
Attachment 3a. ACL Final Rule
Attachment 3b. Golden Crab Alternatives from June 2009
Attachment 4. Habitat AP Recommendations on proposed EFH and HAPCs (will be provided at the meeting)
Attachment 5. Background Information on Spiny Lobster Amendment