Snapper Grouper Plan Amendment 46

Snapper Grouper Plan Amendment 46

In June 2017, the Council instructed staff to move actions formerly in Amendment 43, except an action to specify a red snapper ACL in 2018, to Amendment 46.  The amendment would specify OFL/ABC/ACL for red snapper, address recreational permitting and reporting for private recreational fishermen, best fishing practices (also include an option to remove circle hook requirements for snapper grouper fishing), and removing powerhead restrictions in special management zones off South Carolina (action formerly included in the Visioning amendments). OFL/ABC/ACL for red snapper based on SEDAR 41 (2017) have not been adopted through the amendment process; however, the SEFSC could not provide new projections due to the time since the last amendment, uncertainty in recreational landings and discards, and upcoming changes to recreational landings estimates.

During their meeting in October 2017, the SSC formed a workgroup whose task is to determine an approach to obtain an ABC for red snapper. In December 2017 the Council directed staff to remove actions pertaining to red snapper from the amendment and focus on recreational reporting and best fishing practices.

In March 2018, the Council directed staff to retain actions on recreational permitting and reporting in Amendment 46 and develop the remainder of the actions (best fishing practices and powerhead regulations) in a framework amendment (Regulatory Amendment 29).

The Council discussed the amendment during their November 9, 2020 webinar and opted to suspend work on the amendment. The Council directed staff to convene a workgroup to include state and MRIP representatives, and Council staff to explore approaches for private recreational permit and reporting requirements in the South Atlantic region. The workgroup is scheduled to meet on February 17, 2021. 



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