Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 24

Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 24 (jacks complex, Almaco jack, deepwater species, shallow water grouper, red grouper)

Proposed actions: Several actions from Amendment 37 were moved to this amendment in June 2015. However, the Council decided to delay development of Regulatory Amendment 24 until the Vision Blueprint was complete. Actions that may be included in this amendment consist o, 

  • revising the composition of the Jacks complex;
  • commercial management measures for almaco jack;
  • removal of size limits for deepwater species (silk snapper, queen snapper, and blackfin snapper);
  • adjustment to the spawning season closure for shallow water grouper;
  • adjustment of size limit for red grouper; and
  • commercial split season for red porg. 

The Council will review potential actions for this amendment at a later date. 


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Public Hearing

Final Approval

March - June 2015




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