SSC Meeting: Briefing Book – May 3-5, 2016

SSC Meeting: Briefing Book - May 3-5, 2016


Overview (revised 4/21)

FINAL REPORT (posted 5/26)


Attachment 1. Minutes of the October 2015 meeting

Attachment 2. Minutes of the March 2016 webinar meeting

Attachment 3. SERFS Report*

Attachment 4. SEDAR 50 Project Schedule

Attachment 5a. Draft SEDAR 50 ToRs

Attachment 5b. MAFMC Blueline Tilefish ToR Feedback

Attachment 6. Draft Red Grouper ToRs

Attachment 7. Blueline Tilefish Working Group Report

Attachment 8. MAFMC SSC March Meeting Report

Attachment 9. BSB Bag Limit Analysis report (revised 4/29)

Attachment 10. South Atlantic For-Hire Reporting Amendment Document

Attachment 11. Amendment 41 (Mutton) Summary Document

Attachment 12. SEDAR Stock Assessment Categories

Attachment 13a. SEDAR 41 SAR, Red Snapper

Attachment 13b. SEDAR 41 Projections Supplement (posted 4/21)

Attachment 14. SEDAR 41 SAR, Gray Triggerfish

Attachment 15. Golden Tilefish Update Assessment Report

Attachment 16. Prioritizing Fish Stock Assessments

Attachment 17. Stock Assessment Prioritization SAFMC

Attachment 18. Stock Prioritization - SAFMC Stocks

Attachment 19. March 28 Spiny Lobster Review Panel report

Attachment 20. Spiny Lobster Landings Presentation

Attachment 21. Draft Citizen Science Blueprint

Attachment 22. SG37 Hogfish Decision Tool Description

Attachment 23. Methods for Commercial Sector Economic Effects Est (revised 4/26)

Attachment 24. SA SG37 Hogfish Florida Recreational Decision Tool

Attachment 25. SA SG37 Hogfish GA-NC Recreational Decision Tool

Attachment 26. SG37 Commercial Hogfish Econ Effects and Season*

Attachment 27. Amendment 37 (Hogfish) Summary Document

Attachment 28. Synopsis of Red Snapper Data

Attachment 29. P-star Scoring Summary

Attachment 30. P-star Values

Attachment 31. SA Stock Info

Attachment 32. SEDAR Status Plots

Attachment 33. Landings vs ABC

Attachment 34. MAFMC Fishery Performance Report

Attachment 35. NEFSC Fishery Performance Report

Attachment 36. SEP Agenda (revised 4/18)

Attachment 37. SAFMC Work Plan, April 2016

Attachment 38. SAFMC Amendments Overview, April 2016

* Indicates documents not available for the first Briefing Book. These will be distributed as they become available.


Golden Tilefish Update

SEDAR Stock Assessment Categories

SEDAR 41 Review Workshop - Red Snapper (updated 5/4)

Stock Assessment Prioritization

South Atlantic 2015 & 2016 Landings

Commercial Sector Economic Effects Estimation
South Atlantic Amendment 37 to the Snapper Grouper FMP (posted 5/2)

Snapper Grouper Amendment 37: Recreational Decision Tools for Hogfish Management (posted 5/2)

Spiny Lobster Review (posted 5/2)

A New Proposed Method for Analyzing Bag and Size Limits (posted 5/2)

The Southeast Reef Fish Survey 2015 Update Sampling Activities and Relative Abundance Indices (posted 5/4)

SEDAR 41 – South Atlantic Red Snapper (posted 5/5)

SEDAR 41 – Gray Triggerfish: Summary of Key Issues Identified In the Review Workshop Report (posted 5/5)

SEDAR 41 – Red Snapper: Summary of Key Uncertainties Identified In the Review Workshop Report (posted 5/5)