SSC Meeting – Oct 2015 Briefing Book

Scientific & Statistical Committee Meeting - Briefing Book

October 20-22, 2015

N. Charleston, SC

Meeting runs from Tuesday, October 20 starting at 1:00 p.m. through Thursday, October 22 ending at 3 p.m.



Attachment 1. Minutes of the April 2015 meeting

Attachment 2. Minutes of the June 2015 webinar meeting

Attachment 3. Minutes of the September 2015 webinar meeting

Attachment 4. SEFSC Headboat Data Evaluation Report (external link to Dropbox)

Attachment 5. Data Best Practices Report

Attachment 6. SEDAR Steering Committee Report

Attachment 7. SEFSC Assessment Proposal

Attachment 8. SEDAR Project List

Attachment 9. Citizen science flyer

Attachment 10. Amendment 36 (Spawning SMZs) Document (posted 10/19)

Attachment 11. Amendment 37 (Hogfish) Document

Attachment 12. Hogfish assessment (external link to Dropbox)

Attachment 13. Hogfish Projection Request from SAFMC

Attachment 14. Hogfish projections

Attachment 15. GA-NC Hogfish landings and intercepts (Excel file)

Attachment 16. Regulatory Amendment 16 (BSB Pots) Document

Attachment 17. Draft System Management Plan for the Deepwater MPAs

Attachment 18. ABC Control Rule

Attachment 19. SAFMC Research Recommendations Document

Attachment 20. Prioritization report

Attachment 21. Mid-Atlantic Blueline Tilefish Draft Action Plan

Attachment 22. SAFMC Work Plan, September 2015

Attachment 23. SAFMC Amendments Overview, September 2015

Attachment 24. Blueline tilefish letter

Additional Materials:

Presentation - Methods for Improving Precision of Catch Statistics for Deepwater Species: Custom Estimation Methods 

Presentation - Specifying Quotas in Numbers vs. Weight

Presentation - South Atlantic 2014-2015 Landings

Presentation - Prioritizing Fish Stock Assessments

Handout Tables - Options for Standardizing Quality of MRIP Statistics

Presentation - Discussion of Options for Standardizing Quality of Shared Statistics

Presentation - Prediction & Verification of Reef Fish Spawning Sites

Presentation - Updated SAFMC Hogfish projections

Presentation - Methods for Improving Precision of Deepwater Catch Statistics UPDATE

ORCS Worskhop Report

ORCS Classification (Excel spreadsheet)