Staff Directory

The Council staff consists of seventeen full-time employees who work at Council headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. Staff provide support to the Council through administrative services, as well as the review and preparation of fishery management plans and documents. Staff members also provide information and education services to the public. All staff can be reached by phone at 843-571-4366.

John Carmichael
Executive Director

Brian Cheuvront
Deputy Executive Director for Management

Chip Collier
Deputy Executive Director for Science & Statistics

Myra Brouwer
Fishery Biologist

Julia Byrd
Citizen Science Program Manager

BeBe Dalton Harrison
MyFishCount Fishery Outreach Specialist

Mike Errigo
Fishery Biologist

John Hadley
Fishery Economist

Allie Iberle
FISHstory Project Coordinator

Kim Iverson
Public Information Officer

Roger Pugliese
Senior Fishery Biologist

Cameron Rhodes
Outreach Program Coordinator

Mike Schmidtke
Fishery Biologist

Christina Wiegand
Fishery Social Scientist

SEDAR Staff:

Kathleen Howington
SEDAR Coordinator

Julie Neer
SEDAR Coordinator

Administrative Staff:

Kelly Klasnick
Administrative Officer

Suzanna Thomas
Financial Secretary

Cindy Chaya
Administrative/Travel Secretary