State and Federal Programs

Marine Fisheries Initiative (MARFIN) - promotes and endorses programs which seek to optimize economic and social benefits from marine fishery resources through cooperative efforts that evoke the best research and management talents of the Southeast Region.

The Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP) - is a State-Federal program for the collection, management and dissemination of fishery-independent data (data that does not depend on reporting by the fishing industries) in the Southeastern U.S.

MARMAP - The Marine Resources Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction (MARMAP) program has conducted research on reef fish between Cape Lookout, NC and Cape Canaveral, FL for over 30 years. Sponsored by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), the program mission has been to determine the distribution, relative abundance, and critical habitat of the economically and ecologically important fishes of the South Atlantic Bight and relate these to envrionmental factors and exploitation activities.

State Sampling Surveys

National Estuarine Research Reserves - is a network of protected areas established for long-term research, education and stewardship. This partnership program between NOAA and the coastal states protects more than one million acres of estuarine land and water.