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Take a look at each of the links below for a helpful overview of past meetings and regulatory topics.

Story Maps 2018

2018 Cobia Update: Where Are We Now?

2018 December Council Meeting

2018 Rescheduled September Council Meeting

2018 Snapper Grouper Amendment 47 (For-Hire Permit Modifications) - Scoping

2018 June Council Meeting

Vision Blueprint Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 26 (recreational) - Public Hearings

Vision Blueprint Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 27 (commercial) - Public Hearings

Snapper Grouper Amendment 42 (sea turtle release gears) - Scoping 

2018 ASMFC's Interstate Management Plan: Atlantic Migratory Group Cobia

2018 March Council Meeting

2018 January Coastal Migratory Pelagics Amendment 31 (management jurisdiction of Atlantic cobia) - Public Hearings

2018 January Spiny Lobster Amendment 13 (bully netting) - Scoping

Story Maps 2017

2017 End of Year Cobia Update

2017 December Council Meeting

ASMFC's Cobia Plan- Updated as of October 

2017 Red Snapper Emergency Action

2017 September Council Meeting

2017 August CMP Amendment 31 (COBIA) - Scoping

2017 August Snapper Grouper Amendment 43 (RED SNAPPER) - Public Hearing 

2017 June Council Meeting

2017 March Council Meeting

Story Maps 2016

2016 December Council Meeting

2016 September Council Meeting

2016 August Snapper Grouper Amendment 41 (MUTTON SNAPPER) - Public Hearing

2016 August CMP Framework Amendment 4 (COBIA) - Public Hearing

2016 August Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 10/ Snapper Grouper Amendment 44

2016 June Council Meeting

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