Tips for Writing the Council

  • Keep it short. When writing, a one page letter is best. If it's too long you run the risk that key points may be overlooked.
  • Stick to one subject. If you are writing concerning on a specific Plan Amendment that addresses a number of issues, its okay to comment on all the issues in one letter. However, when writing about separate issues, it's best to write separate letters.
  • State your background at the beginning. Are you a recreational fishermen, commercial fisherman, marine scientist, etc.? What's your experience? Brief the Council members about yourself and your background. If you are representing a group, tell us the name of the group and how large the membership is.
  • State your opinion. Then state why you have that opinion. Be explicit. Don't leave the reader guessing your meaning.
  • Provid recommendations. Identify the management alternative(s) you prefer or provide a new option for the Council to consider.
  • Make sure your letter is legible. If the reader has to decipher handwriting, it will detract from the message. A typed or printed letter is best, but not required. If sending an email for a specific amendment, make sure it is sent to the specified email address. If uncertain about where to send the message, contact the Council office.