SAFE Reports

From the National Marine Fisheries Service:

"A Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation (SAFE) Report is a document or set of documents that provides Councils with a summary of information concerning the most recent biological condition of stocks and the marine ecosystems in the Fishery Management Unit (FMU) and the social and economic condition of the recreational and commercial fishing interests, fishing communities, and the fish processing industries. It summarizes, on a periodic basis, the best available scientific information concerning the past, present and possible future condition of the stocks, marine ecosystems, and fisheries being managed under Federal regulation. The SAFE report provides information to the Councils for determining annual harvest levels from each stock, documenting significant trends or changes in the resource, marine ecosystems, and fishery over time, and assessing the relative success of existing state and federal fishery management programs. Information on bycatch and safety for each fishery should also be summarized. In addition, the SAFE report may be used to update or expand previous environmental and regulatory impact documents, and ecosystem and habitat descriptions (50 CFR 600.315e(1))."

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