Snapper Grouper Amendment 22

Snapper Grouper Amendment 22

Proposed actions:  Amendment 22 is being developed to closely control annual harvest levels of snapper grouper-species with exceptionally low recreational annual catch limits (ACLs). The Council is considering alternatives for a recreational tag program for these species.  Recreational fishery participants would be issued tags through a pre-determined process.  Tags issued to individuals or entities would allow the tag holder to harvest a set number of fish from federal waters in the South Atlantic Region. 

A revised options paper was reviewed by the Council at its December 2013 meeting. However, Council delayed development of the amendment pending NOAA General Counsel's input regarding whether a recreational harvest tag program would be considered a Limited Access Privilege Program and subject to specific requirements. NOAA General Council provided further guidance at the June and September 2014 Council meetings. However, the Council decided to postpone further development of the amendment and instead requested a presentation from the NC Division of marine Fisheries on the state’s catch card program for highly migratory species which was provided at the December 2014 Council meeting. The Council continued discussions about possibly further developing the amendment at the March 2015 Council meeting and voted to postpone further development of the amendment



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