Snapper Grouper Amendment 33

Snapper Grouper Amendment 33

Proposed actions:  At the December 2013 meeting the Council directed staff to develop and action that consider options related to modifying how fishermen may bring snapper grouper fillets back from The Bahamas into the U.S. EEZ. Currently, fishermen are allowed to bring back up to 60 lbs of snapper grouper fillets.  However, there is no way to identify what species those fillets came from.  In conjunction with Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 7, the Council will consider an action that requires the skin be left on snapper grouper fillets brought into the U.S. EEZ.

At the March 2014 Council meeting, the Council received input on the proposed actions and alternatives from the Law Enforcement Advisory Panel and the Law Enforcement Committee. The Council made revisions to the Purpose and Need and revised actions and alternatives.  The Council reviewed the amendment at their June 2014 meeting and approved it for public hearings in August 2014. Council approved the amendment for submission to the Secretary of Commerce in December 2014. The amendment was submitted for Secretarial review on May 1, 2015.

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