Snapper Grouper Amendment 34

Snapper Grouper Amendment 34

Proposed actions:  The full name of this amendment is the Generic Accountability Measures and Dolphin Allocation Amendment. The amendment considers changes in accountability measures for snapper grouper species to determine when ACL overages need to be paid back and to bring consistency to accountability measures. 

Scoping was conducted via webinar on February 3th , 2014 and the Council reviewed the amendment at their March 2014 meeting.  The Council approved the Purpose and Need and revised the range of alternatives. The Council also clarified that payback of an ACL overage would apply only to the amount above the total ACL, not the sector ACL. 

The amendment was approved for public hearings by the Council at their June 2014 meeting and public hearings were held in August 2014. Council approved the amendment for Secretarial Review in December 2014.

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