Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 22

Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 22 (gag and wreckfish)

Proposed actions:  At their June 2014 meeting, the Council approved development of Regulatory Amendment 22 to address adjustments to the ABC, ACLs, and OY for gag and wreckfish based on results of the stock assessment for those two species.  The amendment also includes an action to modify the bag limit for gag.

The Council reviewed the amendment at their September 2014 meeting and approved it for public hearings, which will be held via webinar in fall 2014.  The Council reviewed public hearing comments at their December 2014 meeting and approved the amendment for submission to the Secretary of Commerce for Secretarial Review.


SAFMC Process



Public Hearing

Final Approval

December 2013


November 6, 2014

December 2014

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Secretarial Review

Rule Making



December 12, 2014

Proposed Rule - June 4, 2015

Final Rule - pending