South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Citizen Science Pool Advisory Panel

Members of the Citizen Science Pool may be appointed to serve on the Citizen Science Operations Committee, Projects Advisory Committee, or an Ad-Hoc Technical Committee. Members of the pool are not term-limited.   

The Citizen Science Operations Committee is responsible for providing programmatic-level recommendations. Specific tasks include reviewing policies, providing program direction and multi-partner support, helping identify citizen science research priorities, and providing general advice. The Committee includes five Citizen Science Pool members, a SERO representative, a SEFSC representative, and a SSC representative. Appointments are 3-5 years dependent on programmatic growth. The Citizen Science Operations Committee typically meets twice a year or as needed via webinar or in person. 

The Citizen Science Projects Advisory Committee’s role is to advise the Council’s Citizen Science Program. Specific tasks include helping identify citizen science research priorities across fisheries the Council manages, assisting with developing volunteer engagement strategies and serving as outreach ambassadors. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the Council’s fishery Advisory Panels (AP), Habitat and Ecosystem AP, and Outreach and Communication AP. Terms are typically three years but depend on that representative’s term on their Council-related AP. The Citizen Science Projects Advisory Committee typically meets once a year or as needed via webinar. 

Members of Ad-Hoc Committees typically serve in a review capacity for process-oriented Program components. An example of past Ad-Hoc Committees is the Citizen Science Action Teams that helped develop programmatic infrastructure and support resources during the Program’s initial development. Appointments to Ad-Hoc Committees are contingent on the nature of the committee but typically would not exceed one year. There are currently no active Citizen Science Ad-Hoc Committees.

The SAFMC Citizen Science Program

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Citizen Science Pool Members
Holly AbeelsFL
Allison AlexanderMD
Jim AtackNC
Trip Aukeman FL
Courtland Babcock III SC
Scott Baker NC
Luiz Barbieri FL
Michelle Beasley NC
Paulitta Benett-Martin GA
Walter Bubley SC
Col. Bruce Buckson FL
Scott Buff NC
Michael Burton SC
Lora Clarke SC
Robert Crimian GA
Leda Cunningham NC
Forest David NC
Lynessa Dutka-Giannelli FL
Michelle Duval PA
Brett Fitzgerald FL
Brian Fluech GA
Karla Gore FL
Bill Gorham NC
Otto Gruhn  FL
David Harmon SC
Frank Helies FL
William Heyman TX
Rusty HudsonFL
Jimmy Hull FL
Ryan Jiorle VA
Kathy Knowlton GA
Shelly Krueger FL
Ira Laks FL
George Lapointe ME
Laura Leach VA
Bernard Linney SC
Robert Lorenz NC
Dee Lupton NC
Gretchen Martin NC
Bruce Mason SC
Chris McHan FL
Richard Merrick MA
Sara Mirabilio NC
George Mitchell FL
James Morley NC
Trish Murphey NC
Joe Myers VA
Laura Oremland MD
Greg Peralta SC
Tom Roller NC
Kevin Rose GA
Michael Rowland NC
Paul Rudershauser NC
Michelle Ryan VA
Beverly Sauls FL
George Sedberry GA
Tracey Smart SC
Monica Smit-Brunello FL
Scott Smith NC
Dave Snyder GA
Mimi Stafford FL
William Warren-Hicks NC
Erik Williams NC
Coleby Wilt VA

Citizen Science Projects

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