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South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

home-1SAFMC, headquartered in Charleston, S.C., is responsible for the conservation and management of fish stocks within the federal 200-mile limit of the Atlantic off the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and east Florida to Key West.

The role of the council is to develop fishery management plans needed to manage fishery resources within federal waters. The area encompassing federal waters, sometimes referred to as the Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ, extends offshore from state waters (three miles in the South Atlantic) to 200 nautical miles.
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Watch this video for a quick #DIY on how to make a descending device using gear you might already have in your tackle box.

Beginning July 15, 2020, all vessels fishing for or possessing snapper and grouper species in federal waters off NC, SC, GA, and East FL are required to have a descending device on board and readily available for use. The descending device must be attached to at least 16 ounces of weight and at least 60 ft of line.

There are many different types of descending devices that you can buy, but if you'd prefer to make your own, there are lots of ways to rig a descending device with gear you might already have. Get additional information on descending devices and best fishing practices by visiting the following link:

Descending devices help reduce the effects of barotrauma, a condition that occurs when a fish is rapidly reeled up from depth. Changes in pressure cause the fish’s swim bladder to expand, filling the body cavity with air and preventing the fish from swimming back down. Signs of barotrauma include protrusion of the stomach from the fish’s mouth, bulging eyes, anal prolapse and bubbling scales. A descending device can quickly be used to transport the fish back to depth, greatly improving its chances of survival.

To use a descending device like the one rigged in this video, attach it to a rod using a snap swivel and have it out and ready for use. When you need to release a fish showing signs of barotrauma, hook the fish in the lower jaw, drop the fish overboard and down to the depth at which it was caught, and then release the fish by tugging the line so it falls off the barbless hook.
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Check out this compelling video of a red grouper returning to depth with the help of a descending device.

New descending device requirements for all vessels fishing for or possessing snapper grouper species in federal waters of the South Atlantic become effective July 15, 2020.

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South Carolina Department of Natural Resources NC Dept of Environmental Quality Coastal Resources Division - Georgia DNR MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Salt Water Sportsman Florida Sportsman Magazine Sport Fishing Magazine InTheBite Magazine National Fisherman
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Vision Blueprint

The Vision Blueprint will be used to help guide management of the snapper grouper fishery over the next five to ten years and will...

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