South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Council Meetings

The Council meets four times each year, once in each of the southeastern states. Council meetings are held over fixed weeks each year. Before taking any management action, the Council involves the public through scoping meetings, public hearings, and by soliciting public input at Council meetings.

Members of the public can provide feedback to the Council in person during the specified public comment period, or online. The online public comment period for each meeting opens when the briefing material for the meeting is posted and ends on the last day of the meeting.

There are opportunities for the public to provide input at all other open meetings the Council conducts. These include advisory panel meetings and meetings of the Scientific and Statistical Committee. Similarly, members of the public can provide comments in person or online. Comment period duration is the same as for Council meetings.

Most meetings are broadcast via webinars allowing the public to tune in over the web and listen in to discussions. Verbatim transcripts are available upon request or can be downloaded from the corresponding meeting web page.


Dec 2 – Dec 6, 2024
Lumina on Wrightsville Beach a Holiday Inn Resort 1706 N. Lumina Avenue Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480


Looking for older materials?

Visit the briefing book archive to find meeting materials beyond those found on this page.