Get Involved

Many groups are concerned about fisheries, including commercial and recreational fishermen and their families, environmentalists, consumers, scientists, restaurant owners, chefs, the tourism industry, and local communities. Whatever their background or motivation, these groups share the common desire to ensure the health of fish populations and the marine ecosystems they depend on.

If you are a member of the commercial fishing community, a seafood dealer, restaurant owner, or if your business serves recreational fishermen, the best reason to get involved is because this is a process that directly affects your livelihood. You may not have control over the weather, ocean conditions, or market prices, but if you get involved in the Council process you can have input into the decisions that affect your business.

Getting involved means commitment and hard work. It may mean reading documents, talking to people you don't know, going to meetings, speaking in public, writing letters or emails, joining or forming an association, or joining an advisory panel.

Learn more about how to get involved in the Council process at the links below.