South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Scientific and Statistical Committee

Each regional management council has a Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) responsible for reviewing the scientific basis of council management plans and actions to develop fishing level recommendations in accordance with national fisheries management guidelines. SSC members also play a key role in developing stock assessments for Council managed resources through participation in SEDAR, the Southeast Data Assessment and Review program.

SSC Staff Contact

The SSC is comprised of biologists, stock assessment scientists, economists, sociologists, and natural resource specialists from academic institutions and state and federal agencies who are knowledgeable about the technical aspects of fisheries in the South Atlantic. The SSC also has a Socio-Economic Panel (SEP) made up of social scientists and economists who advise the Council of the social and economic impacts of fishery management measures.

The South Atlantic Council’s SSC meets at least twice a year to address a broad range of topics, including stock assessments, management action evaluations, social and economic analyses, habitat evaluations, and ecosystem management issues.

AP members are charged with carrying out the objectives and duties outlined in the SSC Policy document

Current SSC and SEP Membership

Dr. Jeffrey Buckel, Chair
Dr. Frederick Scharf, Vice Chair
Dustin Addis
Dr. Walter Bubley
Dr. Jie Cao
Dr. Scott Crosson
Dr. Chris Dumas
Dr. Jared Flowers
Dr. Eric Johnson
Anne Lange
Dr. Kai Lorenzen
Anne Markwith
Dr. Genny Nesslage
Dr. Marcel Reichert
Dr. Amy Schueller
Dr. George Sedberry
Dr. Fred Serchuk
Dr. Alexei Sharov
Dr. Jennifer Sweeney-Tookes
Dr. Scott Crosson, Chair
Dr. Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Vice Chair
Dr. Brian Cheuvront
Dr. Chelsey Crandall
David Dietz
Dr. Chris Dumas
Dr. Kevin Hunt
Dr. Jason Murray
Dr. Andrew Ropicki
Adam Stemle
Dr. John Whitehead