South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

SAFMC Acronyms

ABCAcceptable biological catch
ACCSPAtlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program
ACLAnnual catch limits
ALSAccumulated Landings System (commercial fishing statistics)
AMAccountability measures
ACTAnnual catch target
APAdvisory panel
APAISAccess Point Angler Intercept Survey
ASMFCAtlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
BBiomass (in either weight or other appropriate unit)
BAMBeaufort Assessment Model (stock assessment model for South Atlantic)
BBBriefing book
Bi OpBiological opinion
B-MSYBiomass at maximum sustainable yield
B-OYBiomass at optimum yield
B-CURRCurrent biomass
BRDBycatch reduction device
CCCCouncil Coordination Committee
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CHAPCCoral Habitat Area of Particular Concern
CHTSCoastal Household Telephone Survey
CMPCoastal migratory pelagics
CPUECatch per unit effort
CSConsumer surplus
DEISDraft environmental impact statement
EAEnvironmental assessment
EBFMEcosystem-based fishery management
ECEcosystem component species
EEJEquity and environmental justice
EEZExclusive economic zone
EFHEssential fish habitat
EFH-HAPCEssential Fish Habitat- Habitat Area of Particular Concern
EISEnvironmental impact statement
ELBElectronic logbook
EOExecutive Order
ESAEndangered Species Act
FA measure of the instantaneous rate of fishing mortality
F-30% SPRFishing mortality at spawning potential ratio (SPR) = 30%
F-CURRCurrent instantaneous rate of fishing mortality
F-MSYThe rate of fishing mortality expected to achieve MSY under equilibrium
F-OYThe rate of fishing mortality expected to achieve MSY under an equilibrium
FESFishing Effort Survey (recreational fishing statistics)
FKNMSFlorida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
FLFork length
FLECFlorida East Coast
FMPFishery management plan
FMUFishery management unit
FPRFishery performance reports
FRFederal Register
FWCFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
GARFOGreater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
GMFMCGulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
gwGutted weight
HMSHighly migratory species
HAPCHabitat area of particular concern
IAInterim analysis
IFQIndividual fishing quota
IOOS Integrated Ocean Observing System
ITQIndividual transferable quota
IPTInterdisciplinary plan team
MNatural mortality rate
LAPPLimited access privilege program
LEAPLaw Enforcement Advisory Panel
MAFMCMid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
MARMAPMarine Resources Monitoring Assessment and Prediction Program
MFMTMaximum fishing mortality threshold
MMPAMarine Mammal Protection Act
MPAMarine protected area
MRFSSMarine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey
MRIPMarine Recreational Information Program
MREPMarine Resources Education Program
MSAMagnuson-Stevens Act
MSEManagement strategy evaluations
MSSTMinimum stock size threshold
MSYMaximum sustainable yield
NCDENRNorth Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
NEFMCNew England Fishery Management Council
NEFSCNortheast Fisheries Science Center
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service
NMSANational Marine Sanctuaries Act
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NORNet operating revenue
NOSNational Ocean Service
NS#National Standard 1-10 (in the Magnuson-Stevens Act)
OAOperational assessment
OECAOculina Experimental Closed Area
OFLOverfishing limit
OHAPCOculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern
OLEOffice of Law Enforcement
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OSTOffice of Science and Technology
OSWAGOther Shallow-water Grouper
OYOptimum yield
P*(P-star; defined as the probability of overfishing)
PIMSPermits Information Management Systems
PRAPaperwork Reduction Act
PRDProtected Resources Division
PSProducer surplus
RFARegulatory Flexibility Act
RIRRegulatory Impact Review
RQRegional quotient
SADLSouth Atlantic Deepwater Longline Survey
SAFE ReportsStock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports
SAFISStandard Atlantic Fisheries Information System
SAFMCSouth Atlantic Fishery Management Council
SBRMStandardized bycatch reporting methodology
SCDNRSouth Carolina Department of Natural Resources
SDCStatus determination criteria
SEAMAPSoutheast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program
SECOORASoutheast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association
SEDARSoutheast Data Assessment and Review
SEFSCSoutheast Fisheries Science Center
SEPSocioeconomic Panel (of the Scientific and Statistical Committee)
SERFSSoutheast Reef Fish Survey
SEROSoutheast Regional Office
SGSnapper grouper
SIASocial impact assessment
SMPSystem Management Plan (for protected areas)
SMZSpecial management zone
SOWStatement of work
SPRSpawning potential ratio
SRDScience and Research Director
SSB MSYSpawning Stock Biomass at Maximum Sustainable Yield
SSCScientific and Statistical Committee
SSMZSpawning Special Management Zones
SRFSState Reef Fish Survey
SRHSSoutheast Region Headboat Survey
SSStock synthesis
SSBSpawning stock biomass
SWGShallow-water grouper
TEDTurtle excluder device
TIPTrip Interview Program
TLTotal length
TORTerms of Reference
USCGU.S. Coast Guard
VMSVessel monitoring system
VTRVessel Trip Report
wwWhole weight
ZTotal mortality