South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Advisory Panels

Advisory panel members include recreational and commercial fishermen, industry representatives, seafood dealers, representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other interested members of the public. They play an important role in the federal fishery management process by providing information and recommendations at the grassroots level. Members of each of the Council’s advisory panels advise the Council about trends in fisheries, environmental concerns relating to fishery ecosystems, enforcement issues, and management impacts on fishermen and fishing communities.

Beginning in 2017, the Council’s advisory panels also began providing Fishery Performance Reports. These reports provide the Council and its Scientific and Statistical Committee with updated descriptions of the factors that influence fishing effort and catch within each of the Council’s fisheries. The Fishery Performance Reports are included in the Council Meeting briefing book materials.

How are advisory panel members appointed and what are the terms of service?

The Council considers applications for open seats on its advisory panels during regularly scheduled Council meetings, usually during the Council’s June and December meetings. Applications are reviewed by the Council during closed session (all application information is considered confidential). Appointments are then made during an open session. Applicants are contacted regarding their status. Active applications are kept on file for two years.

Once appointed, advisory panel members serve voluntarily for 3-year terms. Advisory panels generally meet no more than once or twice each year for 1-2 day meetings. If an advisory panel does not meet within the calendar year, that period does not count against the term. At the end of the 3-year terms, the AP member’s seat is open to qualified applicants and the current member is also eligible for reappointment. Most members are limited to serving 3 consecutive terms.

AP members are charged with carrying out the objectives and duties outlined in the AP Policy document and required to abide by the AP Code of Conduct guidelines.

Ira Laks, Relaks Fishing- Mackerel Cobia AP

Get Involved

Fishermen and members of the public are encouraged to contact the advisory panel representatives in your area, sector, and fishery with any concerns or suggestions you may have. Open seats on advisory panels are advertised periodically through the Council office, typically in the spring and fall each year. You may submit an application at any time, using the online forms available below:

Current Advisory Panel Membership

Citizen Science Pool
Holly AbeelsFL
Allison AlexanderMD
Jim AtackNC
Trip Aukeman FL
Courtland Babcock III SC
Scott Baker NC
Luiz Barbieri FL
Michelle Beasley NC
Paulitta Benett-Martin GA
Walter Bubley SC
Col. Bruce Buckson FL
Scott Buff NC
Michael Burton SC
Lora Clarke SC
Robert Crimian GA
Leda Cunningham NC
Forest David NC
Lynessa Dutka-Giannelli FL
Michelle Duval PA
Brett Fitzgerald FL
Brian Fluech GA
Karla Gore FL
Bill Gorham NC
Otto Gruhn  FL
David Harmon SC
Frank Helies FL
William Heyman TX
Rusty HudsonFL
Jimmy Hull FL
Ryan Jiorle VA
Kathy Knowlton GA
Shelly Krueger FL
Ira Laks FL
George Lapointe ME
Laura Leach VA
Bernard Linney SC
Robert Lorenz NC
Dee Lupton NC
Gretchen Martin NC
Bruce Mason SC
Chris McHan FL
Richard Merrick MA
Sara Mirabilio NC
George Mitchell FL
James Morley NC
Trish Murphey NC
Joe Myers VA
Laura Oremland MD
Greg Peralta SC
Tom Roller NC
Kevin Rose GA
Michael Rowland NC
Paul Rudershauser NC
Michelle Ryan VA
Beverly Sauls FL
George Sedberry GA
Tracey Smart SC
Monica Smit-Brunello FL
Scott Smith NC
Dave Snyder GA
Mimi Stafford FL
William Warren-Hicks NC
Erik Williams NC
Coleby Wilt VA
Jocelyn Karazsia, ChairFLNOAA Fisheries
Dr. Sandra Brooke, Vice ChairFLFSU Coastal and Marine Lab 
Jessica WardFLBroward Co. Env. Protection
John CramerFL
Dr. Henry FeddernFL
Dr. Roland FerryGAUSEPA Region 4
Dr. Nicole FogartyNCUNC Wilmington
Dr. David GilliamFLNova Southeastern University
Michael MerrifieldFLCape Canaveral Shrimp Company 
Jamie MontyFLEnvironmental Resources Management 
Ken NedimyerFLFlorida Marine Life Association 
Kimberly PuglieseMDNOAA 
Dr. Steve RossNCUNC Wilmington
Stephanie SchopmeyerFLFWC
Margot StilesDCGlobal Fishing Watch
Joshua VossFLHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
Deepwater Shrimp
Michael Merrifield, ChairFLCommercial/Dealer
Nancy JonesFLCommercial
Damien SolorzanoFLCommercial
Marilyn SolorzanoFLCommercial
Jason VogelsongFLCommercial
Lee VogelsongFLCommercial
John WilliamsFLIndustry Representative
Brent ZirlottALCommercial
Dolphin Wahoo
Chris Burrows, ChairNCCharter
Jonathan Reynolds, Vice ChairFLCharter/Commercial
Brice BarrFLRecreational/Charter
James “Chip” BerrySCRecreational
Richard DeLizzaFLRecreational
Robert FrevertFL Recreational
Richard HarrisNCCharter
Earl Harris, Jr.GARecreational/Commercial
Glenn HopkinsNCCommercial
Jay KavanaghNCCharter
Dan OwsleyFLRecreational
Paul PancakeSCRecreational
Tim ScaliseSCCharter
Rom Whitaker IIINCCharter
Bill RichardsonVAMid-Atlantic Representative
John NappoNYMid-Atlantic Representative
Randall MorganMDNew England Representative
Michael C. PlaiaCTNew England Representative
Golden Crab
Robert Palma, ChairFLCommercial
Howard Rau Jr.FLCommercial
Nuno AlmeidaFLCommercial
Theresa CoppaFLCommercial
Tim McGurlFLCommercial
David NielsenFLCommercial
Glenn UlrichFLCommercial
Habitat Protection and Ecosystem-Based Management
Cynthia Cooksey, ChairSCNOAA Fisheries
Dr. Rene Baumstark, Vice ChairFLFlorida Sub-Panel, Chair
Dr. John GalvezFLFlorida Sub-Panel
Jeff HartzlerFLFlorida Sub-Panel
Steve MillerFLFlorida Sub-Panel
David WebbFLFlorida Sub-Panel
Sam YoungFLFlorida Sub-Panel
Paul MeddersGAGeorgia Sub-Panel, Chair
Thomas JonesGAGeorgia Sub-Panel
Alice LawrenceGAGeorgia Sub-Panel
 Anne DeatonNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel, Chair
John EllisNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel
Joel FodrieNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel
Casey KnightNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel
Rita MerrittNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel
Shane StaplesNCNorth Carolina Sub-Panel
Mark CaldellSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel, Chair
Paula KeenerSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel
George MadlingerSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel
Stacie CroweSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel
Jeff SossSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel
David WhitakerSCSouth Carolina Sub-Panel
Laura BuschVAAt Large Member 
Dr. Laurent CherubinFLAt Large Member 
Dr. Ronald FerryGAAt Large Member 
Mark HansenFLAt Large Member 
Lisa HavelVAAt Large Member 
Brian HookerVAAt Large Member 
Dr. Wilson LaneyNCAt Large Member 
Dr. Steve RossNCAt Large Member 
Kevin SpanikSCAt Large Member 
Law Enforcement
Captain Scott Pierce, ChairFLFWC
Captain Michael Paul Thomas, Vice ChairSCSC DNR 
LT Andrew LoefflerSCU.S. Coast Guard
Colonel Bruce BucksonFLRetired Law Enforcement
Michael FreemanFLAt Large
Alana HarrisonNCCommercial/Dealer
Captain Chris HodgeGAGA DNR 
Nickey MaxeySCRecreational
Lt. Pat O’ShaughnessySCNOAA
Kevin RobersonSCRecreational
Jamal IngramFLDOC NOAA
Captain Garland YoppNCNC Marine Patrol
Mackerel Cobia
Ira Laks, ChairFLCharter
Anthony BeneventoFLRecreational
Keith BowenFLCommercial
Stephen Donalson FLRecreational
Steve EnglishFLCommercial
Charles GriffinSCCharter
Rusty HudsonFLCommercial
William JonesNCCharter
Aaron KellyNCCharter
Charles LockeNCCommercial
John MalletteNCCharter
Thomas NewmanNCCommercial
William PalmerFLRecreational
Brad PhillipsNCRecreational
Charles ProudfootGARecreational
Gary RobinsonFLCommercial
Paul RudershausenNCScientist/Research
Outreach and Communications
Scott Baker Jr., ChairNCN.C. Sea Grant
Shelly Krueger, Vice ChairFLFlorida Sea Grant
Tina BergerVAASMFC
LT Andrew LoefflerSCU.S. Coast Guard
Melissa CrouchFLFWC
Steve DoughertyFLMedia
Bryan FluechGAGA Sea Grant
BeBe Dalton HarrisonSCAt-Large
Tyler JonesGAGA DNR 
 Katie LatanichNCAt-Large
 Diana MartinoPRAt-Large 
Sean MeehanFLNOAA Fisheries 
Emily MuehlsteinFLGulf of Mexico Fishery Mgmt. Council
George PataneFLRecreational
Mark PhelpsSCCharter
 Mary SaboDEMid-Atlantic Fishery Mgmt. Council
Cinthia SandovalFLCommercial
Patricia SmithNCNC DENR
Robert Todd GAAt-Large
Erin WeeksSCSC DNR
John AdairFL
Craig AndrewsNC
John BarberFL
Dr. Peter Barile FL
Terry BeidemanNJ
James BrodbeckFL
Dr. Doug ButterworthSouth Africa
Wiley CoppersmithNC
Jack Cox, Jr.NC
Leslie “Sonny” Davis, Sr.NC
Dr. Robert DeVincentisFL
Kenny FexNC
Brett FitzgeraldFL
Allan FluhartyFL
James GeigerSC
David GrubbsFL
Otto GruhnFL
Ben HartigFL
Dave HeilFL
Dewey HemilrightNC
Manny HerreraFL
Rusty HudsonFL
Jimmy HullFL
Robert JohnsonFL
Christian JohnsonMD
Nancy JonesFL
Stephen KlimekFL
Joey KlostermanFL
Lee LaveryFL
Chad LeeFL
Chris LongSC
Ron McPhersonFL
Dr. Barbara MuhlingFL
David NelsonFL
Paul Nelson, IIIFL
Dr. Erik NoonburgFL
Christopher O’BrienVA
Jeff OdenNC
Geoffrey OwensFL
Jack PerrettGA
Robert PrestonFL
Dr. Rebecca RademeyerFrance
Dr. Mitchell RofferFL
Michael RowlandFL
Dr. Paul RudershausenNC
James SanfordFL
William Shearin, Jr.GA
Steve ShelleySC
Richard StiglitzFL
Dave TimpyNC
David TuckerNC
Dr. Steven TurnerFL
Captain Yuri VakselisFL
Daniel ZierFL
Fred Dennis, ChairGACommercial
Janie Thomas, Vice ChairFLIndustry Rep.
Scott BakerNCNC Sea Grant
Scott CookSCCommercial
Nancy EdensNCCommercial
Gary ExleyGACommercial
Nancy JonesFLCommercial
Robert JonesFLCommercial
Marilyn SolorzanoFLCommercial
Richard Vendetti, Jr.GACommercial/Industry Rep.
John WoodsGANGO
Snapper Grouper
Robert Lorenz, ChairNCRecreational
James Paskiewicz, Vice ChairFLCommercial
Scott AmickGACharter
Vincent BonuraFLCommercial
Richen “Dick” BrameNCNGO
Randal BeardsleyFLRecreational
Tony ConstantSCCharter/Recreational
Jack Cox Jr.NCCommercial
Andrew FishFLCommercial
Robert FreemanNCCharter
Richard GomezFLCharter
James Hull Jr.FLCommercial/Dealer/Retail
Chris KimreyNCCharter
Selby LewisNCCommercial
Andrew MahoneySCCommercial
Randy McKinleyNCCommercial
Thomas MeeksGARecreational
Chris MilitelloFLRecreational
Harry MoralesSCRecreational
David MossFLRecreational
Paul NelsonFLCommercial/Charter
Andy PilandNCCharter
Cameron SebastianSCCharter/Commercial
Dave SnyderGAConsumer Representative
Dr. Todd KellisonSCNOAA – Beaufort Lab
Spiny Lobster
Gary Nichols II, ChairFLCommercial/Dealer
Mary “Mimi” StaffordFLCommercial 
Robert BurtonFLRecreational
Richard DiazFLCommercial 
Sean Espenship FLRecreational
Bruce IrwinFLCommercial 
Peter O’BryanFLConservation
Justin SmithNCRecreational/Diver
William “Mickey” WhittingtonGARecreational/Diver
System Management Plan Workgroup
Alejandro AcostaFLFWC
Cameron BrintonGAGA DNR
Dr. Sandra BrookeFLCoral Specialist
Jill Christoferson FLFWC
Dr. Lora ClarkeSCNGO
Michael DixonFLRecreational
Dr. Nick FarmerFLNMFS
Dr. David GilliamFLCoral Specialist
Dr. Pat HarrisNCEcologist/Biologist
Morgan HartSCSC DNR
Stacey HarterFLNMFS SMP Contact
Rusty HudsonFLCommercial
Bob MartoreSCSC DNR
Dr. Clinton MoranSCRecreational 
Dr. Roldan MunozSCNMFS
Herbert PayneGARecreational
Captain Scott PearceFLFWC
McLean SewardNCNC DNR
Dr. Chris TaylorNCNMFS
Lt. Michael Paul ThomasSCSC DNR
Major Jason WalkerNCNC DEQ
Dr. Brian WalkerFLEcologist/Biologist
Jason WhiteNCAcoustics/Mapping Specialist 

Marine Resources Education Program – Southeast

Learn More About Navigating the Science and Management Process – Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) Southeast will show you how! The workshop-based program provides selected participants the opportunity to learn while interacting with fishery scientists and managers in a neutral environment.

Fishermen and others interested in federal fisheries issues from North Carolina to Texas come together for two, 3-day workshops – a Science Workshop and a Management Workshop – empowering participants to engage effectively in science and management. Learn more and apply at:


Contact Kim Iverson, Public Information Officer at