South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Outreach and Communications Advisory Panel

Members of the Outreach and Communications Advisory Panel provide recommendations to the Council regarding outreach, education, and communications efforts. The AP members are experienced in outreach and communications programs at various state and federal levels as well as members of the media and other private sectors. 

The OC AP members include representatives from each of the four state marine resource agencies, the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils, NOAA Fisheries, Sea Grant, non-government organizations (NGOs), and interested individuals experienced in federal fisheries outreach and communications. 

The OC AP meets as needed via webinar or in-person. 

Outreach and Communications Advisory Panel Members
Scott Baker Jr., ChairNCN.C. Sea Grant
Shelly Krueger, Vice ChairFLFlorida Sea Grant
Tina BergerVAASMFC
LT Andrew LoefflerSCU.S. Coast Guard
Steve DoughertyFLMedia
Bryan FluechGAGA Sea Grant
Jocelyn JulianoSCSC Sea Grant
BeBe Dalton HarrisonSCAt-Large
Tyler JonesGAGA DNR 
 Katie LatanichNCAt-Large
 Diana MartinoPRAt-Large 
Sean MeehanFLNOAA Fisheries 
Emily MuehlsteinFLGulf of Mexico Fishery Mgmt. Council
Nicole NicholsFLFWC
George PataneFLRecreational
Matt PerkinsonSCSC DNR
Mark PhelpsSCCharter
 Mary SaboDEMid-Atlantic Fishery Mgmt. Council
Cinthia SandovalFLCommercial
Patricia SmithNCNC DENR
Robert Todd GAAt-Large

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