South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Spiny Lobster Advisory Panel Members

The Spiny Lobster Advisory Panel (SL AP)’s role is to advise the Council on the Caribbean spiny lobster fishery. The SL AP provides practical insight into this fishery as well as input on proposed management measures and other Council initiatives. Additionally, the SL AP connects the Council to other fishing stakeholders to promote communication between the Council and fishing communities.  

 The SL AP is comprised of representatives from the commercial, recreational, and for-hire/charter industries, non-governmental organizations, and other groups familiar with the topic of fisheries and management. Members of the SL AP are appointed by the Council and may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms as specified in the AP Policy.  

 The SL AP meets as needed via webinar or in person. 

Spiny Lobster Advisory Panel Members
Gary Nichols II, ChairFLCommercial/Dealer
Mary “Mimi” StaffordFLCommercial 
Sean Espenship FLRecreational
Bruce IrwinFLCommercial 
Erica RossFLFWC
Justin SmithNCRecreational/Diver
William “Mickey” WhittingtonGARecreational/Diver
A spiny lobster crawls over a rocky bottom.

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