South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Comprehensive Recreational For-Hire Limited Entry Amendment

Included amendments

  • Snapper Grouper Amendment 57
  • CMP Amendment 36
  • Dolphin Wahoo Amendment 13

Amendment Summary

Purpose of Amendment: To establish limited entry for the for-hire components of the snapper grouper, coastal migratory pelagics, and dolphin wahoo fisheries.

Action Summary: TBD

Key Events: 

  • December 2023: Amendment development initiated. Additional control dates of December 8, 2023, for for-hire permits and December 5, 2023, for reporting to SEFHIER identified. 
  • March 2024: Council reviewed a discussion document on the existing control date for the for-hire fishery, previous consideration of limited entry in the snapper grouper for-hire fishery, and permit information through 2020. 
  • June 2024: Paused development until permit data are available. 

Most recent amendment document