South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 12

Amendment Summary

Established rebuilding plan for red porgy and modified management measures. Modified the framework procedure and permit transfers for trip-limited commercial permits.

Amendment documents

Implemented Regulations

  • MSY for red porgy = 4.38 million pounds OY for red porgy = the amount of harvest that can be taken by US fishermen while maintaining the SPR at or above 45% static SPR.
  • Defined MFMT = 35% static SPR based on a 14″ TL min size limit, MSST = max of either 0.5 or 1-M (M=natural mortality =0.28) times Bmsy. The Council is specifying the min stock size associated with 35% static SPR which is 3,328 my or 7.34 million lbs. the rebuilding timeframe for red porgy is 18 yrs with 1999 being yr 1.
  • Reduced the reg porgy rec bag limit from 5 to 1 red porgy/p/d OR 1/trip/d, whichever is most restrictive, during Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr prohibit purchase or sale of and limit possession of red porgy aboard vessels with com or charter/head boat permits to 1 red porgy/trip/ or 1 red porgy/day whichever is more restrictive.
  • Allowed a 50lb by-catch per trip for permitted vessels from May 1 through Dec 31. The status will be reviewed every 2 yrs.
  • Modify the SG framework by adding the following list of things that can be done through a framework action: a. description, ID, and regs of fishing activities to protest EFH and EFH-HAPCs b. management measures to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of fishing activities or fishing gear on EFH or EFH-HAPCs c. regulations of EFH-HAPCs.
  • Modify the SG limited access system to allow same-owner permit transfers regardless of vessel size for individuals harvesting SG species with a non-transferable 225 lb trip limit permit.