South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 27

Amendment Summary

Adopted management of Nassau grouper throughout its range, including the Gulf of Mexico; modified the restriction on retention of bag limit quantities of snapper grouper species on for-hire vessels, and removed blue runner from the management unit. Implemented the abbreviated framework procedure.

Amendment documents

Implemented Regulations

  • Extended the SA jurisdictional authority for management of Nassau grouper to include federal waters of GOM. Harvest of Nassau grouper in the GOM EEZ and SA EEZ continued to be prohibited.
  • Modified the crew size restriction for dual-permitted snapper grouper vessels from 3 to 4 crew members.
  • Modified bag limit restriction on SG species for captains and crew of vessels with a SA charter/head boat permit for SG to remove the SG species retention restrictions for captain and crew of vessels with a SA charter/head boat permit in the SA.
  • Modified the SG framework procedure to add section 9: adjustments to ABCs, ACLs, and ACTs according to ABC CR and formulas for specifying ACLs and ACTs that have been approved by the Council and that were implemented in a fishery management plan amendment to the FMP. the framework is as follows: a. following the SSC’s review of the assessment the Council will determine if changes are needed to ABC, ACL, and or ACT, b. public hearings will be held, c. if changes are needed the council will send a letter to the RA of their recommendations, d. if the RA agrees with Council’s letter and it complies with MSA then RA will implement e. if the Council wants to deviate from the ABC CR then a plan amendment would be needed.
  • Removed blue runner from the SG FMP.