South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 46

Amendment Summary

Purpose of the Amendment: Address deficiencies in recreational data through the creation of a permit requirement for private recreational vessels. Additionally, consider establishing an education component to encourage best fishing practices and reduce discard mortality in the snapper grouper fishery. 

Action Summary: This amendment will investigate establishing a permit and education requirement for anglers to participate in the recreational snapper grouper fishery.

Key Events: 

  • November 2020: Council suspended work on the amendment (which was initiated in 2017) and directed staff to convene a workgroup to explore approaches for a private recreational permit and reporting requirements in the South Atlantic region. The workgroup convened three times during 2021.
  • December 2021: The Council requested that discussion on this amendment be added to the March 2022 agenda.
  • March 2022:  Council reviewed background information, and recommendations from the workgroup, and directed staff to assemble candidates for an ad hoc advisory panel (AP) to be selected in June 2022.
  • June 2022: Ad hoc AP appointed.
  • Augusts 2022: AP convened.
  • September 2022: Council directed to reconvene the AP prior to the December 2022 meeting.
  • November 2022: AP convened.
  • December 2022: Removed consideration of reporting requirement, included consideration of an education component, and approved for scoping. 
  • Jan/Feb 2023: scoping hearings. (Jan 30 and Feb 6 via webinar) 
  • March 2023: reviewed scoping comments.  
  • June 2023: Reviewed AP comments and revised amendment. Approved purpose and need statements and revised actions for inclusion in the amendment.
  • September 2023: Reviewed AP comments and modified actions and alternatives. Council directed staff to assemble candidates for an ad hoc advisory panel made up of private anglers.  

Most recent amendment document

  • Final approval
  • Implementation
  • Pre-scoping
  • Public hearing
  • Rule making
  • Scoping
  • Secretarial review

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