South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 48

Amendment Summary

Purpose of Amendment: The Council finished its second review of the Wreckfish ITQ program in September 2019. As part of the review, there were several recommendations made to modernize the program, which will be addressed in this amendment.

Action Summary: moving away from a paper coupon-based program to an electronic program; fishing season and spawning closure; cost recovery; wreckfish permit requirement; allocation issues; offloading sites and times; and vessel monitoring system requirements.   

Key Events

  • September 2020: Amendment development initiated.
  • October 2020: A meeting of the Wreckfish shareholders and wholesale dealers was held to discuss amendment development.
  • March 2021: Scoping held during the Council meeting.
  • September 2021: Decision made to have Amendment 48 come to the Council every other or every third meeting, depending on workload.
  • March 2022: Council reviewed actions and alternatives.
  • Summer 2022: Meeting of the wreckfish shareholders to discuss amendment development.
  • September 2022: Council selected preferred alternatives and approved documents for public hearings at the March 2023 meeting.
  • March 2023: public hearings held as part of the meeting public comment session, requested the addition of an action to consider hail-in and hail-out requirements. 
  • April 2023: SG AP input. 
  • June 2023: Creation of a Wreckfish Advisory Group and Wreckfish Committee
  • September 2023: Meeting of the WAG and Sub-Committee
  • December 2023: SG Committee reviews and approves Sub-Committee decisions. 
  • February 2024: Wreckfish Sub-Committee selects preferred alternatives.
  • March 2024: SG Committee reviews and approves Sub-Committee decisions and approves documents for public hearings.

Most recent amendment documents

  • Final approval
  • Implementation
  • Pre-scoping
  • Public hearing
  • Rule making
  • Scoping
  • Secretarial review

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