South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 50

Amendment summary

Purpose of Amendment:   According to the latest assessment (SEDAR 60 2020), red porgy are overfished and overfishing is occurring. The Council is required to establish a rebuilding plan for red porgy no later than June 12, 2022. And adjust catch levels to end overfishing. 

Action Summary: establish a rebuilding plan, revise annual catch limits (ACL), sector allocations, management measures for the commercial and recreational sectors, and accountability measures (AM) for the recreational sector. A 

Key Events: 

  • June 2020: amendment development initiated 
  • December 2020: reviewed preliminary analyses, recommendations on management measures from the Snapper Grouper AP, and approved the amendment for scoping. 
  • February 3 & 4, 2021: scoping hearings held via webinar 
  • June 2021: reviewed updated analyses and selected some preferred alternatives, removed consideration of recreational vessel limits, added alternative for a recreational fishing season and a modified recreational accountability measure.  The Council approved the amendment for public hearings. 
  • September 2021: public hearing held on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 
  • December 2021: the Council reviewed and approved all actions as modified and reviewed rationale for each action.
  • March 2022: The amendment was approved by the Council for Secretarial Review.

Most recent amendment documents

  • Final approval
  • Implementation
  • Pre-scoping
  • Public hearing
  • Rule making
  • Scoping
  • Secretarial review

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