South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Snapper Grouper Amendment 51

Amendment Summary

Purpose of Amendment: Respond to the latest stock assessment (SEDAR 36 Update). Snowy grouper are overfished and undergoing overfishing. The Council is required to adjust catch levels and management measures to end overfishing. 

Action Summary: Adopt recommended ABC, adjust total ACL and annual OY, sector allocations (and sector ACLs), and consider modifications to management measures and recreational AMs.

Key Events

  • March 2021: Plan amendment initiated.
  • October 2021: Snapper Grouper AP input.
  • December 2021: approved for scoping.
  • February 2022: Scoping meetings February 1, 2, and 3.
  • April 2022: Snapper Grouper AP input.
  • June 2022: approved the amendment for public hearings.
  • September 2022: public hearings held Sept 6 & 7 approved all actions.
  • December 2022: approved for submission.

Most recent amendment documents

Snapper Grouper Amendment 51 FINAL 03/02/2023

  • Final approval
  • Implementation
  • Pre-scoping
  • Public hearing
  • Rule making
  • Scoping
  • Secretarial review

Public comments