South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Aug. 2022 Snapper Grouper Recreational Permitting and Reporting Technical Advisory Panel Meeting

Time: to
Location: Via webinar only.


Thursday, August 18, 2022, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Agenda Approval

Public Comment

  1. Advisory Panel process and charge (Attachment 1)
  2. Private Recreational Reporting Workgroup recommendations (Attachment 2)
  3. Southeast For-Hire Electronic Reporting Program (SEFHEIR) update (Attachment 3)
  4. Mid-Atlantic Recreational Tilefish Permit and Reporting Program (Attachments 4a, Attachment 4b)
  5. AP comments and recommendations (Attachment 5)

Other Business


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Staff Contact

Advisory Panel Members

Luiz Barbieri, FL FWC
Drew Cathey, NC DMF
Amy Dukes, SC DNR
John Foster, NMFS/S&T/MRIP
Kai Lorenzen, SSC
Bev Sauls, FL FWCC
Geoff White, ACCSP